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It all fits together. Regardless of your situation, a comprehensive, holistic plan is designed to better enable you to meet your needs, reach your goals, and realize your dreams. Just as important as the how we are planning is the why we are we planning – what’s important to you and why are we doing this anyway?

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We strive to help people help themselves. We take the time to listen and to try to truly understand our clients. Everyone has a distinct and diverse set of circumstances. It may require a change of investment philosophy or strategy. It may be that you need to re-design your insurance coverages. Even the best plan is not useful without the commitment to its implementation and we are hopeful that you will let us help you implement your plan. Time begets change and all planning must be dynamic. We remain in good contact with clients to make sure that changing circumstances are integrated into the strategies being utilized.

The firm has a particular focus on helping families with special needs family members. Through personal experience, we truly appreciate the particular psycho-social challenges, financial burdens and sense of responsibility one feels in addressing the present and future care of your loved one. Fundamental present day finances, retirement planning and estate planning all must include the consideration of having someone with special needs. In addition, there is a varied overlay of issues such as IEPs, unreimbursed therapeutic services, “coming of age” (triggering analysis of the potential qualification for government benefits, the issue of guardianship, the possibility for supported employment, residential options).

All services are provided with the highest level of discretion and integrity.