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Monthly Update

Welcome to our website. As you have learned in your travels around the website, we have a focus and passion for helping families with family members with special needs.  It will be here that you will get some thoughts of particular relevance for a family facing these challenges. We’ll update the content monthly so make sure to check back in.  

Developing a plan is scary but it is also very empowering. We want to get to the daunting question of what is going to happen to my special needs family member when I am gone. This is, of course, an essential part of planning but it’s more likely that we are not going to be gone for quite a while – our role supporting our loved one in some way will likely continue through our working years and our retirement, so we should always start the planning with the here and now – and if you have family member with complex needs it’s plenty hard to be in the here and now.

It seems like we can’t get to things. We aren’t as organized as we want to be. I often find that the first stage of planning for special needs families is a sort of “triage” to stabilize the present day situation. Let’s attack that big stack of investment statements in the corner. Let’s review that property and casualty insurance renewal. Let’s get to that re-financing (or maybe re-financing again). And we really need to get this triage done. We have to get ourselves organized and make sure in the here and now that we are running ourselves with as much efficiency as possible. Because we know we need the money that might fall out of the bushes. We need the money for that therapy we can’t get covered, for that respite we desperately need, for that massage we really deserve.

We don’t have to solve everything right away. It can be like the movie “What about Bob?”…’baby steps, baby steps’…it’s very important to have a sense of momentum forward, even if the here and now for you means you can only move forward at a very measured rate.

Also empowering is information to help guide you on this journey. Hoping to not overwhelm you, here are a few places to go for starters. As time goes on we’ll add to the list:

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