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Our Approach

Picking a Financial Advisor is starting a relationship. To ultimately reach solutions, it’s important to be comfortable with each other and come to some mutual understanding of process, expectations, goals and dreams. Puzzle new

  • There will be an introductory meeting or perhaps a couple of meetings. The meetings are framed by asking two questions: “what’s important to me?” and “it’s been 5 years, I am so happy that I accomplished?”
  • If it is decided that we will move forward together addressing these questions, we’ll define the process to make a plan.
  • The plan will be organized around a few core themes: protect, accumulate, preserve and distribute.
  • If you are in a Special Needs family every one of these themes is affected by your circumstances.
  • To get a true snapshot of planning to date and goals for the future we’ll need to share lots of data.  
  • Once gathered the data needs to be analyzed.
  • Observations, Options and Recommendations will be presented.
  • We hope to have the opportunity to implement the recommendations.
  • The only constant in time is change. We will set a schedule to remain in good contact to proactively respond to any changes in life that may cause an adjustment to planning.